Meet Local Artist Keri Sheheen

Keri’s Artistic Roots

With an illustrator for a father and a bakery-owner for a mother, Staten Island native, Keri Sheheen, grew up surrounded by creativity and art.  She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her father’s hobby of collecting strange antiques guided her interests and imagination. Some of his collectibles included skulls, taxidermy statues, and vintage posters. Growing up surrounded by these objects led Keri to her niche of creating art that evokes the essence of late 19th-century superstition, spiritualism, folklore, and unusual phenomena. 

Keri Sheheen, printmaking


Keri is a printmaking artist working with various materials such as wood, paper, and clothing. Much of her art focuses on optical illusions and “persistence of vision” projects, using printmaking to create flipbook type artwork. Staten Island’s history and architecture have inspired much of her work. Keri explained, “We are always the odd borough out, which carries some comfort as an artist interested in the odd.” 

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Keri Sheheen, printmaking

She received her BFA in printmaking from SUNY New Paltz in 2013. Keri’s art has been exhibited across the tri-state area, including the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island’s Artspace and The Alice Austen House Museum. She also illustrated the official t-shirt for the 2018 Mermaid Parade. 

Where to Find Keri

You can often find her at vendor fairs such as the Snug Harbor Fence Show and Coney Island’s Strange and Unusual Market. She also sells her work on Etsy and her prints on merchandise via Society 6. You can view her portfolio and works for sale on her website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Keri Sheheen, mechanical flipbook

Door: Mechanical Flipbook no.2👁️ Each frame is hand-painted and silkscreened 👈.Box built by @carlgallagher83 .This project was made possible in part by a DCA Premier Grant from @statenarts with public funding from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs…#animation #animate #flipbookit #flipbookfun #flipbook #mutoscope #silkscreen #screenprint #printmaking #handprinted #handmade #painting #artistsoninstagram #parlortrickprints

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