STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – Staten Island native and lifelong public servant Michael DeCillis officially announced his run for Congress in NY-11 via social media announcement.

DeCillis is a fourth-generation Staten Islander, and a third-generation union member with a public service career that spans almost three decades. He has worked as a paramedic in EMS for a decade and was a 9/11 first responder, helping treat firefighters on the first long night of that terrible day. DeCillis’ experience also includes a decade working as a police officer for the NYPD while building relationships with the communities he served. He continued his passion for service by working as a civil litigation attorney, as Director of Legislation and Chief of Staff in the New York State Assembly, and as a special education teacher for NYC public schools.

“I’m running because it’s time we had a representative that listened to the needs of the community. Our voices matter and it’s time people had a say about the decisions that are made in Washington. Our current representative voted against President Biden’s relief bill that brought funding to our community health centers. Our current representative was the only member of NYC’s Congressional Delegation to vote against the PRO Act, despite representing a district that is home to many union members. And worst of all, she voted to sustain objections to Biden’s electoral win even after she had to escape the U.S. Capitol from the January 6th insurrection. NY-11 has had enough and it’s time we bring back real congressional representation to our district, ” said DeCillis.

Currently, NY-11 encompasses Staten Island and South Brooklyn. As the New York State Redistricting Commission begins to redraw the state’s congressional districts, NY-11 may soon represent other, more Democratic-leaning neighborhoods in addition to its current jurisdiction.

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